Now, who the hell is that guy?

What can i say?

professional interest

My interest in Software Engineering is driven by doing more with less. I like to express intent in code (and data) in an expressive, dense and readable way. I am into DDD as well as TDD, where it can be applied (and yes, there are times where TDD cannot and DDD should not).

Technically, one of my major fields of interest is EventSourcing / CQRS as natural companions of DDD. And yes, all these responsive, resilient, elastic, message driven attributes of reactive software attract me, as well as buzzword-bingo.

Databases beyond SQL, such as MongoDB, Cassandra or Redis raise my interest, as well as interesting front-end developments such as cycle.js

I have a strong tendency to look at the OPS side of Software, so that i happen to end up in DevOps-ish projects on the side.

Currently i am exploring the Pivotal Universe concerning µServices in the Cloud, as well as the Akka/Lagom way and some more… Oh, and clojure of course :D

current position

I am currently employed at Mercateo AG as a Developer/Architect in Software Engineering.


I practice T’ai chi ch’uan, Yang-style for about 15 years now. I like tuishou (or pushing hands, if you like the term better), but i also like traditional intuitive archery. In fact, they happen to have much in common.


To find out what i was up to in the past, please take a look at my Xing or LinkedIn profiles linked below.

future plans

Same thing i do every night – try to take over the world.